Reimagining Audience Experiences

With its unique talk show format, “Tough Crowd Live” is a fresh concept providing an entertaining alternative to traditional, more serious panel discussions, whilst keeping the informality and fun expected at clubs and festivals.

The perfect opportunity for fans to connect with their favourite performers and get inspired in a lively atmosphere.

Of course, panels are important, but very often lack the excitement factor that people attending will be looking for. Tough Crowd is all about engaging fans and the artists by giving them what they really want to hear in an upbeat and casual atmosphere. Hosted by Chris Finke, the freeform aspect of the show creates an energy of unpredictability – it can go to the places a panel can’t as anything can happen on the fly…

By focussing more on the lighter side of experiences, we leave politics and agendas behind. Our live shows are about story-telling: anecdotes, inspirational moments, funny situations; the highs, lows and anything else that comes with life on the road. With the world of social media, it is easy to believe that you know your favourite figures inside out, however oftentimes this couldn’t be further from the truth…there’s a lot more to it!

A Dynamic Concept For Any Environment

Here are some of the events we have been developing...

Talk Shows For Festivals & Clubs

Based on the tried & tested “talk show” formula, artists already booked at events can guest for an informal, upbeat and informative one-on-one chat with host Chris Finke before a live audience. This can be an open attendance, or before a smaller selected audience (VIP, competition winners etc). The show would ideally last for around an hour-90 min, with guests being brought on individually. There is also scope for audience Q&A’s, special guest co-hosts and surprises along the way.

Artist Focus & Product Launches

These are stand-alone shows similar to “Tough Crowd Live” but with the focus on one guest, subject or product.

An Ideal concept for album launches, tour dates and in-store appearances, the concept can be applied in a number of ways. These experiences can be added to PR packages, recorded, streamed and attended by media as well as invited audiences, competition winners and more.

Tough Crowd Now (*Name TBA)

A monthly self-hosted show at XXX, London in the vein of the Live Shows, with the onus more on emerging talent and unsung heroes of the scene plus special one-offs and showcases by established artists.

Tough Crowd Host Chris Finke

Chris Finke

HOST / Presenter

Our shows are hosted by our own Chris Finke – a DJ, producer and broadcaster with nearly 20 years experience, along with stand up and improv work to back it up.